Our Services include project management, environmental research & reporting, spatial analysis & modeling, environmental field work, general and special GIS services, GIS training & education, and expertise regarding cooperation with developing countries and sustainable development.

Project management and consulting
Our main focus in consulting is on natural resources, soils, conservation planning, and sustainable development. We offer complete project management and are happy to discuss your project specific goals and requirements with you individually.

Geographical Information Systems and geospatial applications
We offer comprehensive services around GIS including but are not limited to:

Cartography & GIS Analysis

Spatial data development & field data collection

Spatial Database design  and implementation

    • PostgreSql & PostGIS, ESRI geodatabases & ArcSde, Oracle,Sqlserver, MS Access and more

Development and implementation of Information Systems

    • Web based information and mapping applications
    • Custom / specialized information & geospatial tools
    • Desktop geospatial tools – Python, R, SQL and PHP
    • Web based geospatial tools – using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, R, Python

GIS Education and Training

    • Open Source GIS training
    • Contact us for your custom GIS class