Terra GIS’s Qualifications cover a wide spectrum in GIS services, environmental consulting, and research & analysis.

Environment and Conservation
We have experience in field work such as soil, vegetation and archeological mapping, land use surveys and GPS data collection.

GIS Services, Analysis, Programming and Databases
We are proficient in the use of proprietary as well as open source geospatial software. Our expertise includes cartography, data development, spatial analysis, (spatial) database management, development and implementation of web based information and mapping applications, as well as the creation of specialized tools for desktop or web based usage.

Project Management
Terra GIS’s principal scientist Karsten Vennemann has a record of successfully managing professional and scientific projects including subjects such as “an online portal for GIS, modeling and e-learning”, implementing web mapping applications, projects in conservation planning and spatial analysis, development of custom GIS desktop applications for use by public utilities companies and counties, and coordinating the creation on an multilingual online atlas of natural and agronomic resources of Niger and Benin.

Scientific Research, Analysis and Reporting
Previous work included statistical analysis of extreme flooding (discharge) events, studies for soil and groundwater remediation projects, water use efficiency in soils in relation to compost applications, land use and set asides studies, feasibility studies for maps of natural heavy metal content of soils, and research regarding solid waste recycling projects.

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