Our planet is facing many challenges in the 21st century. Widespread growth of populations and economies around the globe are increasing the pressure on natural resources, our environment, and societies. The impacts of a global economy and other socioeconomic developments create challenges in many aspects of our lives as societies and individuals. The need for sound and sustainable management of natural resources, socioeconomic justice, and viable, socially & culturally acceptable economic opportunities for individuals and societies is indispensable.


Terra GIS’ motivation is a result of passion for environmental and social issues. Having more then a decade of experience in the environmental and socioeconomic fields we set out to put this expertise to work. Scientifically founded research and tools such as Geographical Information Systems provide an excellent means to effectively support planning and decision making processes

We are committed to delivering excellent work for our clients providing expertise and solutions for real world issues. We work with a wide range of clients in the non-profit community, scientific community, development agencies, government agencies, and the private sector. We love what we do and take pride in our work. We really care about the environment, social issues, conservation and sustainable development. Let’s work together on building a sustainable future.