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Karsten Vennemann Karsten Vennemann
Principal and GIS Analyst

Karsten is the principal scientist and GIS Analyst at Terra GIS. He has over 10 years of expertise in environmental evaluation and GIS. His background is in Geography and Soil Science and he holds a Diploma from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and a Master’s Degree from UC Berkeley. His previous work included positions as Environmental Scientist, GIS Analyst and Programmer, and Project Coordinator.

Ken Winnick Ken Winnick
Project Manager

Ken’s consulting practice has spanned 25 years, and integrates expertise in economics, ecology, and information technology. He is also an innovative ESRI Arc GIS programmer and data analyst with a large range of experience in energy, environmental, and transportation projects.

Matt Stevenson Matt Stevenson
Project Manager

Matt Stevenson specializes in conservation planning, urban planning, spatial analysis, cartography, and GIS project management. He works primarily with government agencies and non-profits focused on conservation and restoration. Matt has ten years of experience using GIS to convey complex spatial information with striking cartography and eye-catching graphics. He holds a B.S. in Public Planning from Northern Arizona University and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Washington.

Gregg Petrie Gregg Petrie
Remote Sensing Specialist and Project Manager.

For over 25 years Gregg has been active in extracting complex spatial information from remotely sensed data sets. These efforts have involved all types of commercial satellite systems, advanced airborne systems, and considerable experience with all types of government systems. Recent research activity has focused on stochastic characterization of hyperspectral imagery and the development of advanced data fusion algorithms. While Gregg’s research has included algorithm development with a wide variety of languages, computing environments and data structures his current work is focused on developing spatial analysis tools with Python. In addition to research he has also taught graduate level spatial analysis classes at Washington State University.

Trang Nguyen Trang Nguyen
On demand Software Support

Technically Trang is the president of Terra GIS. Currently she is working full time as a senior software engineer in downtown Seattle. She supports Terra GIS in all needs for software expertise and R&D support and is currently “on call/on demand” duty.

field manager Kai Vennemann
Field Operations Manager

Kai operates the company’s heavy field equipment, such as trucks, buckets, and shovels. He is on duty year round, rain or shine, in the snow, and in aquatic and as well terrestrial environments. He currently holds a part time position at Terra GIS and contributes whenever he is not busy with his main occupation as a Kindergardener at Montlake Elementary School and at the SAGA (Seattle Area German American) School.