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Terra GIS maintains a network of professional and friendly relationships in the Environmental and GIS community. We work and co-operate with these partners if the project requires expertise outside our main focus areas, or if projects are large and need more resources in order to be completed on time.
CSGIS CSGIS - Canalejo & Schönbuchner
A German company working in GIS, remote sensing and WebGIS development. CSGIS is offering support, training and consulting, and specializes in Open Source technologies such as gvSIG desktop GIS and WebGIS solutions.
Geolabs Geolabs
Our international partner in Lattes, France specializes in web mapping solutions and open source programming services.
Ellipso Geo Ellipso Geo
Our partner in Vancouver, Canada offers GIS services including cartography, spatial analysis and mapping, Google Earth customization, and development of custom desktop tools.